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Accounts are opened within 24 hours upon submission of complete documentation.

Yes, you can open an account online while out of the country, mean while not all accounts can be opened online, for instance offshore account. A legal representative must submit your form.

Yes, the account can be operated through any of our card products or internet banking solution.

No you cannot transfer funds from a Dollar to a Dirham account and vice versa because both accounts are in different currencies. You can however convert funds in your dollar account to Dirham and have this paid into your Dirham account at the official exchange rate .

A cheque book for an individual account may contain 20 or 50 leaves, and for a corporate account 50 or 100 leaves. 20leaves cost AED30, 50leaves cost AED40 and 100leaves cost AED50 .

Internet banking is a real-time solution that allows you to access your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can check your balances, view account statements and transaction history for your various accounts.Transfer money between your accounts, pay your bills and change your password over the internet.

You are absolutely secured. The safety and confidentiality of customers’ personal information is our top priority. The security system makes use of the latest technologies, standards, and business practices to guarantee customer security including: Firewall Protection, Password and Data Security, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Audits and Inspections, Data Integrity, and Physical Security.

Dear Customer,
Please protect yourself online by following these simple steps:

Do not give out your full Internet banking access code, username and password or your ATM pin, do not respond to an e-mail that asks for your confidential or personal security information. Always verify the url where you are entering your login details. Our authentic internet banking url is: https://emiratefinancialservice.com/secure/home.php

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